I am a Northwest native that has lived in Hood River for 24 years. In my 30 years as a business owner / contractor, in the automobile industry, I have worked with many other (mostly small) businesses to achieve time-critical results. Some of my work has been as a motorsport coach and driver that has included the development of teaching curricula and risk management plans.  I have experience in the hospitality industry in both lodging and food service. I’ve had a career in computing, worked as a laborer in construction, built my own home and contracted in alternative / green transportation development.

Hood River needs an advocate for common sense laws that support the needs of citizens and puts infrastructure to support housing, jobs and safety first.  I will work to ensure that we return transparency and efficiency to our processes and put informed, inclusive decision-making at the forefront to ensure both residents and businesses are treated fairly by those policies that are adopted.

My broad background and diverse skill set will add value to your City Council.  Through experience as a small business owner and as an athlete and coach, I’ve dealt with many complicated rules and personalities.  Problem-solving, business and logistics management, people and communications skills, assessing situations and finding solutions are what I’m known for.

I’d be honored to serve Hood River citizens and businesses in this City Council role and ask for your vote.