Video – Analysis of Hood River Housing Progress 2015- 2020.

This is a short video explanation of what Hood River has done regarding our number one goal of housing, since the creation and adoption of the 2015 Hood River Housing Needs Analysis.

I discuss Hood River’s number one goal, housing, the 2015 Housing Needs Analysis, the 2019 analysis update, and progress that has been made on the issue by the current City Council.

My position on this issue –

We have not followed the recommendations of our own housing study and this has reduced housing accessibility. Before we pursue radical zoning changes that would allow very high-density housing in traditionally low – medium density neighborhoods, we should review and consider every action suggested in the original Housing Needs Analysis.

We also need take seriously the warnings of the 2019 Housing Needs Update – including that there is no reason to believe that up-zoning is going to create housing for residents. City Council was recently presented a proposal by our Planning Director to incorporate Oregon House Bill 2001 requirements into our building / zoning codes. HB 2001 is meant for cities larger than Hood River, but it has been characterized as being a law that we must follow. It will result in exacerbation of our already serious parking issues, increase congestion in neighborhoods that can least support it and reduce the safety of our growing bicycle transportation infrastructure.

As a councilor I would advocate that we should not pursue radical zoning changes until previously recommended actions (from an expensive housing analysis) be seriously evaluated. Two of the most hopeful recommendations were to revise Planned Unit Development (PUD) rules and to develop a Cottage Code to allow development of denser single-family detached housing.

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