Video – Housing, how we can do better.

Brian Towey for Hood River City Council

What I am concerned about now, after years of poor performance on housing, is that we will rush to adopt policies meant for larger cities, altering the character of Hood River. We don’t need to do that, we have other options.

Over the past 5 years we haven’t added even half of the housing that our own study says our demand is – coincidentally, we haven’t followed the recommendations contained in that same study. If elected, I will propose to Council and the Mayor that we pursue the actions of the 2015 HNA, one at a time – or develop another actionable plan that reflects the needs and values of Hood River. As we determine actions to be appropriate for Hood River, we should implement them.

In addition, I will pursue opportunities to expand the UGB to meet housing need. Links below to information (and more links there) about housing failures and opportunities in Hood River.

Oregon Affordable Housing Pilot Program – HB4079, 2016

Engage the Gorge, Affordable Housing

Engage the Gorge, Housing